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WordPress Backup and Migration Services in Pakistan

Are you not comfortable with your current accommodation? What you need is a new hosting provider and we will provide it for you. In addition, we will migrate all your services without you having to worry about anything.

Through the WordPress migration service   we will help and advise you in hiring a new hosting provider and the migration of your entire project without having to worry about anything. This service is valid whether you want to migrate your project from local to remote or from remote to remote.

The  estimated time  that we will use to carry out this task will be  1 to 3 days  once you have provided us with all the necessary information that we will request by email.

We will carry out the migration of all services such as domain , hosting (includes files and database) and emails  (you will not lose any mail) from the old to the new server.

To perform this task, we will need to provide us the access data to WordPress  and  access data to your hosting  (if you have it ). We will ask you for these details by  email  once you hire the service