WordPress web development company

WordPress web development company

We have been developing web pages with  WordPress for more than 10 years in our expert company . One of the most powerful website building systems on the market.


This CMS was created to build blogs in an easy and intuitive way. Today we use it for the construction of online stores, websites for companies or any custom project. We have made auction systems, real estate, intranet systems for companies.

Almost all projects can be developed on this platform. As long as they have expert WordPress programmers and designers .

WordPress website design company

Currently, all kinds of projects can be carried out, both simple and custom. Here are some projects made in SEO SEEKERS:

3D printing supplier: a corporate website linked to an online sales system where all the management of distributors and suppliers is carried out. This website is a clear example of a corporate website updated with the latest trends, with large images, a hamburger menu.

Specialized WordPress developers

Below we will show some of the most important failures that we have detected in clients who ask us to renew their company’s website.

  • Security in wordpress , making an optimized and updated structure makes it more secure. Many of our clients come to us with the website hacked or out of service due to optimization and configuration problems on their page. We recommend carrying out a series of security steps to have your website shielded against attacks.
  • Optimization for SEO positioning in search engines , we include for our clients the optimization of their web page. We implement the latest trends recommended by Google based on structure.
  • Study of the template code , not everything goes, so we keep track of the structure and code of the template used. They do not serve free templates or downloaded for free. In most of these templates we have found corrupt files, viruses and malware. It is a serious future problem for your website.
  • Comply with current legislation in wordpress , we implement cookies, legal notice, privacy policy and general conditions.
  • Structure optimization , we rely on the latest technology. We correctly configure WordPress for the latest programming systems. It will make your website faster to load and safer, assembling PHP 7, HTML 5 and CSS.
  • Responsive SEO , after studying the structure we also monitor display and compatibility on mobile devices. Today, Google takes into account that your website is adapted to smartphones and tablets.
  • State-of-the -art cache systems , we configure the cache to reduce the loading time of your web page. One of our clients, who had a blog with a lot of content on the main page, took more than 4 seconds to open the page. This serious conversion problem towards your customers who left before waiting for the web to load. We were able to reduce load time from 4.3 seconds to 1.6 seconds, which went on to increase their web ad revenue by over 30%.


If you need our expert WordPress agency to review your website or do some type of custom WordPress Website , do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you advice to increase your sales and have a clean and updated website with the latest technology on the market.

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